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Anson represents the union of Italian know-how, attention to detail, the search for a production chain and excellent raw materials and the study of always new processes.
All the production phases are rigorously Made in Italy and this has always been an essential value of the company.
In addition to this, our strong point is the choice to make all our production processes ethical, attentive to people, the environment and the quality of the final product. The result is high quality, durable socks for every moment of our customers’ lives. Discover our highly resistant and comfortable socks for every occasion.
Collection n. 1

Sport socks

With our production of more than 28 million pairs per year, we cater to a large number of customers, with TB socks suitable for all consumers and in different forms.

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Casual socks

Always with an eye on the production of socks and the ethics of processes, our fashion line combines beauty with comfort.

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Eco Friendly socks

Living in the green doesn’t have to be difficult. You can start today.

To make quality Italian socks, the competence and experience in the production processes is as important as the attention to the choice of the raw material. Our Eco Friendly socks are made with ethically sourced materials such as organic cotton, bio cotton and recycled wool. We are able to respond to the needs of the contemporary market thanks to certified yarns. Raw materials produced without pesticides, fertilizers, GMO seeds, or the use of one of the over 1.000 substances recognized as harmful.

Collection n. 4

Merino socks

In the wool treatment phases, we follow the RWS standard with the aim of creating a point of reference for promoting improvements in animal care, land management and providing a protection system. Through the processing stages, the certification guarantees consumers that the wool from certified farms is correctly identified and traced.

Thanks to the lanolin present in the wool, this effective natural antibacterial agent makes the product an excellent ally against cold and humidity.

Collection n. 5

Luxury socks

The Luxury socks contain the noblest and most precious materials from cashmere to lisle cotton, a real touch of class for ceremonies and formal occasions, extremely chic for everyday use in every season.

Collection n. 6

Performance socks

Wearing quality technical socks is a great way to improve sports performance. Thanks to the comfort of the sock, the sportsman does not perceive problems of sweating or high temperatures.

We have designed socks for men and women, suitable for all sports disciplines: Winter sports, Running, Cycling, Outdoors, Trekking, Mountaineering, Motorsport, Travel, Dance and more.

Collection n. 7

Compression socks

The all-round compression socks Compression socks 1.0 are the optimal supporters for athletes, travelers and in the regeneration phase. The blood circulation is promoted and the veins relieved.


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