We aim high, keeping our feet on the ground


Somebody said that the Italians immigrants found “America” abroad. This is not the case of Vito Verardi, a young Italian resident in Canada who decided to return to Salento to start a daring business.

At the time, Southern Italy was a territory rich in companies belonging to the textile sector, due to the great availability of manpower. However, Vito Verardi had in mind an innovative production model, based on the attention to detail and internationalization of distribution

Few years later, the company passed into the hands of the sisters Anna and Sonia (hence the name of the company). The quality remained, the production intensified. Anson has become a model of entrepreneurship characterized by the care and style typically Italian, combined with the rigor and attention to details, typical of multinationals. In a very short time, annual production reached over 28,000,000 pairs of socks per year. 90% of the business was directed to the foreign market.

The company is now managed by Anna’s daughter, Maira Paiano, who carries Anson forward with commitment and orientation to growth. Innovation and research are the basis of its business model, while production becomes increasingly customer-oriented and customized. Thanks to Maira, today Anson is increasingly focused on a technical and sophisticated market offering a quality alternative, durable and at competitive prices. Everybody could feel the quality, wear it and appreciate it.


Anson is an Italian company attentive to detail at every stage of production.

It is one of the few companies who produces its socks entirely in Italy, from design to packaging.

The challenge is to offer performing socks for sports, workers and leisure. We aim for design and beauty, but without sacrificing the quality of Made in Italy. The competition does not scare Anson, which maintains its high standards, bravely fighting new market challenges.

We are always attentive to new products and we try to follow them with commitment. Our company has innovated more and more, discovering new fabrics to use, technologies and forms, but also adopting new machinery, cutting edge, respectful of people and the environment.

This has allowed us to increase production and meet the needs of our customers quickly.

We are punctual, with deliveries of even 18 days and a really efficient after-sales service.


Via Racale-Melissano

73055 Racale (LE) Italy

P.IVA 02392310757

T: 39(0)833 552418

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E: anson@anson.it

We aim high, keeping our feet on the ground.

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