Eco Friendly socks

Living in the green doesn’t have to be difficult. You can start today. To make quality Italian socks, the competence and experience in the production processes is as important as the attention to the choice of the raw material.

Our Eco Friendly socks are made with ethically sourced materials such as organic cotton, bio cotton and recycled wool. We are able to respond to the needs of the contemporary market thanks to certified yarns. Raw materials produced without pesticides, fertilizers, GMO seeds, or the use of one of the over 1.000 substances recognized as harmful.


Via Racale-Melissano

73055 Racale (LE) Italy

P.IVA 02392310757

T: 39(0)833 552418

F: +39(0)833 551542


We aim high, keeping our feet on the ground.

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